Shutter love Tuesday – top 10


I was both shocked and surprised to see my entry at number 10 in Shutter love Tuesday – fall contest. Thank you Trendy treehouse for hosting this weekly contest and for picking my photo. It couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve struggled to find inspiration for my 365 photos this week and have contemplated not taking one on a couple of days.



Day 82 – A walk in the park – first lensbaby photos

We’ve had the smallest amount of snow here these last couple of days. These are my second attempt at using my new lensbaby. I’m quiet happy with a few of these photos and it is a vast improvement on my first attempt (not one in focus photo). I took these photos in my local park.

The photo above is my entry for macro monday on Lisa’s chaos.

This photo is my entry for Happy monday – Anything.

Day 80

26th November 2010

Day 79

25th November 2010


This week, unintentionally, I have collected a series of photos of my fiance’s prints that he has been doing recently.The final photo is of him preparing for his biggest print yet, can’t wait to see the results on tuesday.

Day 76

Day 77

Day 78

Day 81


Shutter love Tuesday – Fall

I’ve decided to enter Shutter love Tuesday (a day late I know) for the first time. This weeks theme is fall. I’m submitting this shot taken a few weeks pack in my local park. I’ve used this photo a couple of times already but I love it and the colours on the trees around here are no longer such vibrant colours.



Scavenger hunt sunday (includes days 74 and 75)

I’m day late as I had to take some of the photos yesterday. I wasn’t happy with some of the photos I had taken in the week & I found subjects that better met the prompts to me whilst on a day out yesterday.

1. The View Above I did have to use a photo from my archive for this one. This is the roof of Liverpool cathedral take in September. I did take some shots of the ceilings in Chatsworth house yesterday (which are elaborate paintings) but unfortunately none were sharp.

2. Something hot (November 2010 item)Day 75.

Today I visited Chatsworth house to see all the christmas decorations (expect a post on it when I have edited the 300 photos I took!). These are some candles inside the house.

3. Something cold (November 2010 item) Day 75.

This ia a christmas display inside Chatsworth house. It wasn’t actually cold but the photo looks cold to me.

4. Electronic

Day 74

5. Sparkle

Day 75

Not my favorite decoration in the house but it was the one that said sparkle the most. I wish I could say this was a macro shot but these ‘baubles’ were as tall as me.