Photos from my weekend

Here’s the reason I don’t do “scenes from my weekend” posts regularly, its Wednesday already and I’ve only just finished editing the photos. The weather was so beautiful this weekend (unseasonally warm) and I took a few photo that I am pleased with so I wanted to share them here.

Saturday was mostly shopping and housework but I did find time to bake a cake and some bread.

Sunday was another glorious day. We were up early as my husband was running a half marathon. After a morning sat in the countryside watching the runners cross the finish line, my family came over to visit us. We went for a late sunday lunch at our favorite local pub, followed by back to ours for some of that cake I baked on saturday (since it was my mum’s birthday on monday). All in all a pretty nice weekend. Looking forward to the next one already.


Day 292

26th June 2011

Day 291

25th June 2011

Day 290

24th June 2011

My husband bought me some mini macarons on his way home from work. My first macarons, they were delicious (and pretty to photograph!). The flavours were English rose, lemon, black cherry, pistachio and  salted caramel (my favorite).

Day 288

22nd June 2011

Day 287

21st June 2011

Day 286

20th June 2011