Scavenger hunt sunday 5th February

Strike a Pose

I struggled with this one, so here is the best I could come up with. A photo taken last weekend during my street safari course.


It’s snowed a lot here yesterday and overnight so this morning we walked through the park to the supermarket. I was going to take a photo of our walking boots in the snow but then I looked up and noticed the shoes hanging in the tree near the skate park area.


Apart from photography, my hobbies include cooking, baking and recently learning to crochet. This is the throw I started just after christmas.


The children’s play area was empty due to the snow. This is the shiny, climbing frame.

Color Me Green

Green leaves in the snowy park.


Scavenger hunt sunday – 29th January

My fourth scavenger hunt in a row! This weeks photos were all taken on a street safari photography course I took in Manchester yesterday.


Not the best street art I photographed yesterday but the nearest I got to a smile.

Stand Alone 

If it wasn’t for this prompt I wouldn’t have looked twice at this photo but after a bit of cropping and converting it to black and white I actually quiet like this photo.

Rusty or Something Old 

I loved the detailing on this old building


This photo is articicial in that it is a photo of a building reflecting in a puddle. I then flipped the photo 180 degrees in photoshop so the building is the right way up but the legs look like they are walking on the ceiling. This is one of my favorite photos from yesterday and the best tip I learnt.

Repeating Pattern

The roof of a tunnel we walked through.

I’m still editing photos from yesterday so expect at least one more post of my favorites later (possibly more).

Scavenger hunt sunday

A day late due to a computer virus affecting my computer on friday. At one point it looked as if I had lost all my photos and documents (thankfully they were just hidden) and no they weren’t all backed up.  The virus is removed and thankfully I haven’t lost any of my photos (they are all safely backed up now) but it seems to have hidden and removed all the shortcuts to my software.

1. Sunset

I wasn’t able to capture a sunset this week so here is one taken in Tuscany last summer (the photos I was most worried about losing).

2. Black and white

3. A day in my life

Thursday 19th January, the day I passed my driving test.

4. Four

5. Colourful

Scavenger hunt sunday – 15th January

Stacked Up

A small selection of my cookbooks stacked up

Winter Wonderland

One from my archives as it’s been unseasonably mild here (until today!).


Rhubarb and custards. One of my favorite childhood sweets from a selection of traditional sweets my husband bought me for christmas


I struggled with this one so this is the most interesting hole I could find in my house!


Again since it’s so mild here I struggled with frozen. This is a macro of some of the frost inside my freezer!


Scavanger hunt sunday

One Color

I had to use one from archives here. I did re-edit and crop it though. We’ve had storms here in the UK this week and I’m stuck at home this weekend full of cold. I felt this post needed a shot of bold colour.

LaundryI’ve been experimenting with actions this week. This is a black and white action from The Pioneer Woman. I love how it made a really dull photo of laundry look slightly more interesting.


The trees behind our house are still empty of all their leaves. Another black and white as it was so grey and miserable when I took this photo (most of the week in fact) that it nearly was black and white anyway.

One Dozen Well there was a dozen when we bought them on new years eve (we rarely by more than six so it felt like a sign on new years day when I saw this weeks prompt was one dozen) but I used four to make this on new years day.


My new crochet project (shared here). The yarn really is soft.

Scavenger hunt sunday (includes days 74 and 75)

I’m day late as I had to take some of the photos yesterday. I wasn’t happy with some of the photos I had taken in the week & I found subjects that better met the prompts to me whilst on a day out yesterday.

1. The View Above I did have to use a photo from my archive for this one. This is the roof of Liverpool cathedral take in September. I did take some shots of the ceilings in Chatsworth house yesterday (which are elaborate paintings) but unfortunately none were sharp.

2. Something hot (November 2010 item)Day 75.

Today I visited Chatsworth house to see all the christmas decorations (expect a post on it when I have edited the 300 photos I took!). These are some candles inside the house.

3. Something cold (November 2010 item) Day 75.

This ia a christmas display inside Chatsworth house. It wasn’t actually cold but the photo looks cold to me.

4. Electronic

Day 74

5. Sparkle

Day 75

Not my favorite decoration in the house but it was the one that said sparkle the most. I wish I could say this was a macro shot but these ‘baubles’ were as tall as me.