Day 61 – A photo walk in the park

As I mentioned in my previous post I took a bit of a photo walk on sunday and explored my local park. I can’t believe we’ve lived here 3 years and never explored it. It turned out to be a real gem for taking photos. I’m already looking forward to shooting there in the different seasons. Here are a few of the photos I took. All the photos were taken in manual mode as well!

Hidden away at the bottom of the park, far away from the children’s play area is a peaceful pond. This photo is my interpretation of this weeks You capture – serene

I’m also using this as my sweet shot tuesday.

PhotobucketSweet Shot Day

I love waterfalls and visited a few in the lake district. This may not be a natural, stunning waterfall but I still enjoyed trying to capture the movement of water.

A lot of the trees were bare of leaves but the ground was still covered in an assortment of stunning autumn colours. I’ve really taken to macro photography. I love the way it makes you look at things differently and how I end up getting a pretty shot from a not so obvious source. A tree bare of all its leaves, still makes an interesting macro shot in my opinion.

There was even a mini fortress, complete with children playing hide and seek.

The rose garden still had a few flowers in bloom.


11 Responses to Day 61 – A photo walk in the park

  1. Susan says:

    These are fantastic. I’m still waiting for the opportunity to find some rushing water and capture that blurred movement. Great job!

  2. Kristy says:

    Reminds me of park I used to live near in Chicago

  3. Tara says:


  4. yvonne says:

    I really like the one of the steps leading to upward – pulls me in and makes me want to see what’s at the top!

  5. brendasmithdesigns says:

    Very beautiful!!! I LOVE one with the leaf piles.

  6. OH! I love these! Especially the little yellow rose!

  7. Carrie says:

    You captured some beautiful scenes – but I think my favorites are the very first shot and the picture of the leaves. So peaceful and calm!

  8. Nicolasa says:

    That pink rose is just gorgeous!

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