Street safari Manchester

Yesterday I went on a street safari course in Manchester (I shared some of the photos here for this weeks scavanger hunt sunday). We spent 3 hours walking around the city trying to capture candid street photos and photos of the architecture and street art. These are a selection of my favorites including the first one which I submitted to paint the moon p52 (unique perspectiv) and was included in Annie’s picks of the week, I was so surprised and honoured to be included. Street photography is not something I have considered before, so it was something different for me. I signed up for the course as it was greatly reduced on groupon and I hoped to learn a bit more about photography. I did learn a few more tips about photographing reflections and I had a go at trying to capture candid street photos. I definaetly have a long way to go with capturing good street photos but I really enjoyed exploring the city with my camera and with a group of people all interested in photography.

52 Week Project Photo Paint the Moon Photoshop Actions PSE

and then, she {snapped}


Scavenger hunt sunday – 29th January

My fourth scavenger hunt in a row! This weeks photos were all taken on a street safari photography course I took in Manchester yesterday.


Not the best street art I photographed yesterday but the nearest I got to a smile.

Stand Alone 

If it wasn’t for this prompt I wouldn’t have looked twice at this photo but after a bit of cropping and converting it to black and white I actually quiet like this photo.

Rusty or Something Old 

I loved the detailing on this old building


This photo is articicial in that it is a photo of a building reflecting in a puddle. I then flipped the photo 180 degrees in photoshop so the building is the right way up but the legs look like they are walking on the ceiling. This is one of my favorite photos from yesterday and the best tip I learnt.

Repeating Pattern

The roof of a tunnel we walked through.

I’m still editing photos from yesterday so expect at least one more post of my favorites later (possibly more).

P52 weeks 3 and 4 update

Week 3’s theme was white/negative space. I submitted this one from my frosty post.

Earlier this week I was surprised to see my frosty photos in Sweet Violet photography’s featured photos. Thanks to Faith for including me. She chose this photo but mentioned that there were lots of beautiful photos in the post. The photo she chose was one that I nearly didn’t include in the post. They were both taken very quickly and I felt the focus was off but in the end I included them as I liked the photos but wished they were a bit sharper.

Week 4’s theme is sparkle or unique perspective. Yesterday I went on a street safari photography course in Manchester. We spent 3 hours walking round Manchester trying to capture street photography. I learnt a few new tricks from the tutor including photographing reflections in puddles like this one. I have plenty more photos to edit so you’ll be seeing more of them later but this one is my favorite so far.

52 Week Project Photo Paint the Moon Photoshop Actions PSE

Scavenger hunt sunday

A day late due to a computer virus affecting my computer on friday. At one point it looked as if I had lost all my photos and documents (thankfully they were just hidden) and no they weren’t all backed up.  The virus is removed and thankfully I haven’t lost any of my photos (they are all safely backed up now) but it seems to have hidden and removed all the shortcuts to my software.

1. Sunset

I wasn’t able to capture a sunset this week so here is one taken in Tuscany last summer (the photos I was most worried about losing).

2. Black and white

3. A day in my life

Thursday 19th January, the day I passed my driving test.

4. Four

5. Colourful


After an unseasonaly mild few days, we had very heavy frost over the weekend. The way the frost edged the plants, sparkling in the light inspired me to brave the cold and capture these images.

Sweet Shot Day

Scavenger hunt sunday – 15th January

Stacked Up

A small selection of my cookbooks stacked up

Winter Wonderland

One from my archives as it’s been unseasonably mild here (until today!).


Rhubarb and custards. One of my favorite childhood sweets from a selection of traditional sweets my husband bought me for christmas


I struggled with this one so this is the most interesting hole I could find in my house!


Again since it’s so mild here I struggled with frozen. This is a macro of some of the frost inside my freezer!


P52 week 2 – open

Week 2’s prompt was responsibility or open. I chose open and ended up with this photo of an open book. Not the most imaginative interpretation of the prompt but I happy with the end result. I seem to love black and white photos at the moment. I love how it can transform the most mundane photos.

52 Week Project Photo Paint the Moon Photoshop Actions PSE