Currently reading and crocheting Christmas stars

Out of the blue I have developed an interest in learning to crochet. So I bought a hook and a ball of wall and away I went. I used various utube videos and blog tutorials to teach myself the basic stitches. Once I felt confident bored with practicing rows of the different stitches I knew I needed a project. I decided to make Christmas stars. I used this pattern here. I’ve not quiet decided what to do with them yet, hang them on the tree? use them as part of my gift wrapping or string some together to make a garland?

I’ve also been trying to find more time to read. I’ve just finished Room by Emma Donoghue, which despite being tough reading in places, I loved and finished pretty quickly for me. I stumbled upon an online reading group and their book for December is The language of flowers by┬áVanessa Diffenbaugh. This book is on my list of books that I have heard about and want to read and was in stock at my local library so I’ve decided to jump in. I’m only about a quarter of the way in but enjoying it and making the time to pick it up regularly (a good sign for me).

Linking up with Yarn along for further inspiration for reading, crochet and knitting.


Day 112

29th December 2010

Some of my christmas presents.

Day 109

25th December 2010

The christmas dinner table.

Day 108

24th December 2010

Day 107

23rd December 2010

Day 106

22nd December 2010

Day 105

21st December 2010