Day 264

29th May 2011

So yesterday I shared photos taken on the flight to Pisa. Today I have photos of the villa and views that I took on the 29th May. We were in Tuscany 2 weeks in total.  The first week we stayed in a large villa, 30 minutes or so south of Florence with our parents, sisters and there partners/children. We got married towards the end of the first week, a couple of days after our families flew back home and we had another week in Tuscany which I will share with you later.And here are a few of the stunning views we woke up to every morning.

The stunning sunset.


Day 263

28th May 2011

After months of planning, we finally flew to Pisa today. The flight was amazing for views. The sky was so clear, we got fantastic opportunities to view (and photograph) Paris, the alps and more of France/Italy. Here are my first attempts at taking photos from a plane window.

Sweet Shot Day

I’m still working my way through the 1950 photos I took during my 2 weeks in Tuscany but I plan to share some with you. If you want a sneak peek of our wedding day you can see them on my food blog or wait a few days until we get to the 2nd June (our wedding day) on here.

Day 259-262

Preparing to go away.

24th May 2011

25th May 2011

26th May 2011

27th May 2011

Day 258

23rd May 2011

Day 257

22nd May 2011

The birthday cake I made form my Auntie. You can find the recipe for it here on my food blog.

Day 256

21st May 2011

A selection of photos from a relatives garden.

Day 255

20th May 2011