Scavenger hunt sunday (includes days 74 and 75)

I’m day late as I had to take some of the photos yesterday. I wasn’t happy with some of the photos I had taken in the week & I found subjects that better met the prompts to me whilst on a day out yesterday.

1. The View Above I did have to use a photo from my archive for this one. This is the roof of Liverpool cathedral take in September. I did take some shots of the ceilings in Chatsworth house yesterday (which are elaborate paintings) but unfortunately none were sharp.

2. Something hot (November 2010 item)Day 75.

Today I visited Chatsworth house to see all the christmas decorations (expect a post on it when I have edited the 300 photos I took!). These are some candles inside the house.

3. Something cold (November 2010 item) Day 75.

This ia a christmas display inside Chatsworth house. It wasn’t actually cold but the photo looks cold to me.

4. Electronic

Day 74

5. Sparkle

Day 75

Not my favorite decoration in the house but it was the one that said sparkle the most. I wish I could say this was a macro shot but these ‘baubles’ were as tall as me.


4 Responses to Scavenger hunt sunday (includes days 74 and 75)

  1. BJ_Mama says:

    I absolutely LOVE your sparkle shot! SO colorful too!

  2. Ashley Sisk says:

    These are great – your first shot is definitely incredible and your something cold is pretty awesome too! Well done.

  3. Ewa says:

    I love your candles and your sparkle shot is lovely!

  4. oh my I love your photos. The view above is really pretty. but the photos of cold and sparkle are absolutely stunning!

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