Friday photos

We’re experiencing a rather late heat wave here in the UK and as I was walking home from work yesterday I noticed how beautiful the light was (it was approaching the golden hour). I got home and my husband suggested I grab my camera and we should go for a walk, make the most of the last of the warm weather. This is something we’ve never done after work before and it made a very nice change. We walked through the park, across a few street and then we walked along the riverbank a short way (I had no idea we were so close to the river but my husband runs along there quiet often apparently). I took about 30 photos and when I got home I edited them down to just 3 that I really loved.

This photo above is my first attempt and photographing a spiderweb. The focus may not be as sharp as I’d like but never the less I am pleased with it.

I love this photo of the sunset and the leading lines created by the power lines.

This is my favorite photo of the week because I love the colour and the focus. I took several other perfectly good photos of the roses in the park but this one stood out and made all the others look average.
the long road

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Time for a change..

I should have finished my 365 September 8th but I stopped taking a photo a day at the end of July. I do wish I had seen it through to the end but I just lost all enthusiasm for taking daily photos. I think it all started after getting back from Tuscany with 1700 photos to sort through and edit. I got behind with updating my blog, not to mention editing my daily photos.  Mostly though it was editing all those photos from our time in Tuscany and also putting together a book of all our professional wedding photos. I guess I just needed a break from it all.  Also I was fed up of taking photos of random stuff in my house during the working week and fed up of posting images I was unhappy with on here, just so I had that one photo a day.  The perfectionist in me, got the better of me I guess.

I still took photos through August and september but mostly just of food for my food blog (which had been neglected in the run up to the wedding). My food blog is getting back to the sort of blog it once was (but hopefully better). I’m loving cooking/baking, writing and photographing the posts all over again. I also took a lot of photos during my first camping trip which I will hopefully share with you soon. I have a blog reader full of useful photography articles that bloggers shared during this time and I just didn’t have the enthusiasm to read them. Once I gave myself permission not to take a photograph a day it was like I lost all enthusiasm for photography. Maybe I just needed the break. Over the last week or so I’ve been thinking about how to continue to improve at photography. I know I don’t want to do another 365 but I don’t want to keep just picking up my camera so infrequently. I want to learn and improve my photos. I want to rediscover that love of photography.

I don’t really have a plan but I want to push myself to take photos each weekend. I plan to join in as many photo challenges as I can without becoming overwhelmed. I love the community feel I have through food blogging and I want to try to get some of that for my photography blog too. I also plan to try to take less photos. This might sound daft but what I mean by this is to take less photos of the same scene/thing. It’s so tempting with digital photography to just keep pressing the shutter button to make sure you have that perfect shot but for me this leads to getting bogged down with editing them.

Yesterday my husband ran a half marathon and I went along to support him. I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to take my camera out. I got plenty of shots at the beginning of the race and a few at the end. I had planned to take a bit of  a walk in the middle and photograph some autumn trees/leaves but it got really windy and rained a lot so I hid in the car with my book. I was really proud of my husband who ran the 13 miles in 1 hour 42 minutes. When I got home I downloaded the photos to my computer, edited them and uploaded them to flickr in the time it took him to shower! So today I want to share my favorite photo.

Sweet Shot Day