Day 203

29th March 2011

I’m submitting this photo to you capture – vibrance.

These are some macro shots I took with my lensbaby and the +4 macro ring in my local park. The second and third shots are SOOC.


Day 202

28th March 2011

A photo of a nearby rundown church. It’s near to the town center and strangely instead of being surrounded by a graveyard there is a pay and display car park for shoppers. I wish I had composed it better so it didn’t look so lopsided!

Day 201

27th March 2011

Today my fiance ran a half marathon and I went along to support him. I’m very proud that he ran 13 miles in 1 hour 51 minutes. Of course I took my camera along, you can find more photos here on flickr. I also took a few photos of tree blossom which I want to share.

I’m submitting this last one to Macro Monday &

Day 200

26th March 2011

I’ve seen a few examples of using scrabble letters for photographs. After working all saturday I lacked inspiration and decided to pull out the scrabble box.

Day 199

25th March 2011

A very week photo taken after work whilst preparing dinner.

Day 198

24th March 2011

One of my fiance’s prints.

Day 197

23rd March 2011

An after work photo that I actually love, doesn’t happen often.