Project 64: out of the box – Week 8 Lavender

This weeks colour was lavender however the lavender in a box of crayola 64 is not what you would think.¬† It has more of a pink tone¬†with purple hints, instead of the pale purple color that comes to mind. I struggled with this weeks colour. I don’t have a lot of pink in my home and there’s not much in nature this colour yet here. unfortunately I have had to use a photo from my archives. I know this isn’t really in the spirit of a weekly photo challenge but I really couldn’t find anything. I can’t believe we are on week 8 already, I’m really enjoying it and want to collect all 64 colours so for that reason I have used an old photo this week.

This was taken back in September, on day 23 of my 365. I wasn’t even shooting in manual mode at this point. The sky to me has hints of the crayola 64 lavender in it.

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Day 173

27th February 2011

I bought some foam core white board this weekend so I had a bit of a play around with it today. Another photo of my wedding shoes!

Day 172

26th February 2011

Another photo taken just before bed. This time on a saturday, after a long days shopping. I did find my dream pair of wedding shoes though. I may not have known the style of wedding dress I wanted or many other things but I always knew I wanted purple shoes. This is just a quick photo, I took better photos on the 27th.

Day 171

25th February 2011

I left taking a photograph until late again. Here’s the resulting photo of our desk lamp.

Day 170

24th February 2011

Tonight as I walked home from work I noticed the clouds were a pretty pale peach colour and thought that I would photograph it when I got home. However when I arrived home I changed my mind as the sky around where I lived was not that impressive. 5 minutes later though the sky was getting far more impressive.

As I shot away the colours became more and more vibrant. I couldn’t pick my one favorite so I thought I’d share three today.

Day 169

23rd February 2011

I received this pretty card in the post this morning and knew I had to use it for today’s photo.

Day 167-168

21st February 2011

After work tonight, I baked a chocolate and vanilla marble cake for a charity cake sale the following morning. I decided to blog the recipe on my food blog (recipe available here) so of course I needed a photo. This is my first attempt and I hate it. It’s badly composed and the photo is just generally dull. Needless to say this photo did not make it to the post (I wish I didn’t have to put it up on this blog either but this is the only thing I photographed on this date).

22nd February 2011

Since the cake did not survive in one piece (you can see the cracks in the photo above) I decided to slice the cake up the following morning and take it in like that. Here is my second attempt at getting a photo of this cake for my blog. I’m much happier with this one and I feel it shows off the cake better (this is the one I used on my food blog).