Day 140-143

25th – 28th January 2011

Because I’m so far behind with posting (and this selection of photos are far from my best) I’m grouping together the photos I took last week so I can move on. I took some interesting photos on day 144 so I better get editing them.

Day 140, afternoon off work, cooked a big pot of ragu.

Day 141, playing around with a different background (well used baking tray) and some clementines.

Day 142, worked late at work, dark and tired when I got home, snap shot of a little mid week treat.

Day 143, another uninspired shot. Quick snap shot of my OH on his laptop.


Day 139

24th January 2011

Tonight’s dinner, smoked mackerel and pea risotto.

Day 138

23rd January 2011

We spent the day with my fiance’s family. This is one of our nephew’s toys, it’s a wooden pull along lion. I love the bright colours.

Project 64: week 3 chestnut

This is my photo for project 64 week 3 chestnut. I took a walk to my local park in search of chestnut colour in nature. I thought the wet leaves under foot were a pretty good match so snapped away at my feet. I edited this with a great free action colour pop from The coffee shop, I also used the skill I learnt in shoot and edit this week – layer masks. My pumps were far too bright when I adjusted the levels and brightness but I like the leaves so I used a layer mask on the pumps.

I’m so pleased with this photo and it fits this weeks happy monday theme of shoes so I’m entering it there as well.

Day 137

22nd January 2011

It’s been a pretty dull day here today but I had to take my camera out of the house after one too many photos of food or nights of scouring my house for something interesting to shoot. I was mainly looking for my photo for this weeks project 64: out of the box but I also took this photo.  This photo is barely edited, just the basics in Adobe camera raw and a high pass filter.

Shoot and edit – good morning

Here is my SOOC as a reminder:

And this is my edit:


I just want to say thank you Ashley for the tutorials in editing, I’m learning so much from you, I’ve used the high pass filter tip in nearly every photo I have edited this past week. This week we learnt about layer masks, I didn’t use this technique in this photo but I have tried it out in my photo for this weeks project 64 which will be published tomorrow.

Day 136

21st January 2011

Tonight we had the most amazing sunset I’ve seen since I started my 365, only problem was I was in work! By the time I got out of work it was gone. So instead I took a photo of tonight’s dinner! This time though I’ll share the recipe with you here (instead of on my food blog) since its so simple. I’ve discovered the most delicious way to make a quick pasta sauce – cans of cherry tomatoes. We prefer them, the sauces seem that much tastier than with plum or chopped tomatoes. I’ve not included much in the way of measurements because I don’t tend to measure when cooking (baking is a different matter) and I believe things like herbs and spices should be adjusted to yours and your families taste.

Simply fry off some diced chorizo in some olive oil, in  a large frying pan. Once they have started to release their oil add a tin of cherry tomatoes. Add a pinch of salt, freshly ground black pepper, chilli powder (omit if you don’t want a spicy sauce) and sweet paprika (but feel free to change the herbs and spices to your taste). Allow to reduce and concentrate the flavours over about 15-20 minutes (checking on the consistency every so often and stirring occasionally to prevent the sauce sticking). Serve with your choice of pasta (I used wholemeal penne but the choice is yours) and a good grating of parmesan to finish.