Street safari Manchester

Yesterday I went on a street safari course in Manchester (I shared some of the photos here for this weeks scavanger hunt sunday). We spent 3 hours walking around the city trying to capture candid street photos and photos of the architecture and street art. These are a selection of my favorites including the first one which I submitted to paint the moon p52 (unique perspectiv) and was included in Annie’s picks of the week, I was so surprised and honoured to be included. Street photography is not something I have considered before, so it was something different for me. I signed up for the course as it was greatly reduced on groupon and I hoped to learn a bit more about photography. I did learn a few more tips about photographing reflections and I had a go at trying to capture candid street photos. I definaetly have a long way to go with capturing good street photos but I really enjoyed exploring the city with my camera and with a group of people all interested in photography.

52 Week Project Photo Paint the Moon Photoshop Actions PSE

and then, she {snapped}


Day 277

11th June 2011

A few photos taken before we flew home.

If anyone speaks Italian, please let me know if this poster says anything offensive and I will take it down.

A couple of photos taken on the plane, the views were no where near as good as on the way out but it was very clear over London.

Day 276

10th June 2011

Our last full day in Tuscany and we spent it exploring the beautiful city of Lucca. FIrst we walked around the city on the walls.

Then we went to the botanical gardens.

We went back to Pizza Anfiteatro (the oval piazza, formerly a Roman amphitheater).

My husband climbed Torre Guinigi.

And took these photos.


Day 275

9th June 2011

We made the long drive from the Maremma back to northern Tuscany, to Lucca where we would spend our last two nights in Italy. After checking in to our B&B which was just outside the walls of Lucca, we spent a few hours exploring the Lucca, having a few drinks and a nice meal before heading back to our B&B to get a good nights sleep before our last full day in Tuscany. It rained on and off that afternoon but I like the dramatic look it gives some of these photos.

This mirror was outside on the wall in one of the famous “squares” in Lucca. It’s not actually square at all but oval shaped and was previously a roman amphitheatre. I have lots more photos of this piazza to show you taken on the 10th June as well as many more areas of Lucca.

Day 270

4th June 2011

Today we made the 3 hour drive south of florence to stay in the heart of the Maremma (relatively undiscovered southern Tuscany). We stopped off for lunch at a beautiful little town called Scansano.

These following photos are taken at the B&B we stayed at. The views were amazing.

Day 267

1st June 2011

My favorite photos from our trip to San Gimignano.

and then, she {snapped}

Day 265

30th May 2011

We visited the beautiful city of Siena today.