Day 263

28th May 2011

After months of planning, we finally flew to Pisa today. The flight was amazing for views. The sky was so clear, we got fantastic opportunities to view (and photograph) Paris, the alps and more of France/Italy. Here are my first attempts at taking photos from a plane window.

Sweet Shot Day

I’m still working my way through the 1950 photos I took during my 2 weeks in Tuscany but I plan to share some with you. If you want a sneak peek of our wedding day you can see them on my food blog or wait a few days until we get to the 2nd June (our wedding day) on here.


6 Responses to Day 263

  1. Susan says:

    Oh wow…wish I was in that plane with you!! Gorgeous…

    Hope you have a blessed day♥

  2. Angela says:

    These are beautiful! I made my poor husband sit in the middle seat during our last two flight so I could try and get some good shots, unfortunately the weather was crap for one and I fell slept entire through the other one…oops. Love these photos, the clouds are gorgeous!

  3. Ocean Soul says:

    Swiss Alps? Tuscan Wedding? WOW! My daughter was in Pisa for spring break….she luuuuuuuuved Tuscany! The food was actually one of her highlights! LOL. Congratulations! Your wedding pics on your food blog are goooooorgeous!!!

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