Liverpool Sea Odyssey – little girl giant

After the uncle giant fell asleep we headed down to Pier head to see his niece and her dog sleeping. We weren’t quiet so look with getting a clear view but once she woke up and started moving it got a lot better. Again it was an incredible piece of street theatre to watch. The atmosphere in the crowd was fantastic. Everyone loved her and Xolo her dog who was running around and entertaining the crowd.

Sweet Shot Day


Liverpool Sea Odyssey – uncle giant

On friday I heard about an event taking place in Liverpool over the weekend to commemorate the titanic disaster. A 50ft giant uncle, dressed in a diver’s suit, was searching the streets of Liverpool for his young niece, to deliver her a letter from her father who died on the Titanic. The little girl giant was also walking the streets with her giant dog Xolo in search of her uncle. They would finally meet up on the docks on saturday evening and sail away down the river Mersey on Sunday. We were in two minds about going. On the one hand it would be a fantastic piece of street theatre but on the other we live approximately 1.5-2hrs away from Liverpool and we imagined the roads and trains would be horribly busy. In the end we woke up early on Saturday morning and decided to risk it. The trains were as busy as expected but it was totally worth it. We joined the crowds outside St George’s hall around an hour before the uncle was supposed to take his afternoon siesta.


About 30 minutes or so after we got there, police bikes came round the corner and then we noticed music getting closer. Suddenly this incredible 50ft puppet came round the corner. He eventually sat down right in front of us. The puppeteers assailed down and removed his helmet. The skill and co-ordination involved was incredible. There were directions being shouted at them but because they were in French it some how added to the sence of theatre.

Once his helmet was removed he promptly fell a sleep. Complete with snoring and sounds of the sea playing.

I’ll be back with part 2, the little girl and her dog, tomorrow.