Day 280

14th June 2011Whilst in Tuscany I picked up a bag of arrabiata seasoning (to use up euros at the airport). The packet says simply to cook a couple of teaspoons of the seasoning in oil and then stir through pasta. I decided to try it cooked with a tin of cherry tomatoes to make a pasta sauce. Very tasty but so hot! I’ll be using half the recommended amount next time!


Day 279

13th June 2011

Sweetcorn polenta with aubergine sauce. I saw this dish on masterchef UK and knew I had to try it. It’s a Ottolenghi recipe so I knew it would be good and packed with flavours. I adapted the recipe to use frozen corn as we couldn’t find fresh in our supermarket this week. You can find my version here on Purely food. It was delicious anyway, definitely one to make again. Oh and the polenta is feta and sweetcorn blended in to a ‘polenta’ (I assume names due to its similar texture and colour). Much nicer than ordinary polenta which I am not a fan of. Such a delicious balance of salty (feta) and sweet (the corn).

Day 278

12th June 2011

We ate vegetarian for almost two weeks after returning from Tuscany.

Day 257

22nd May 2011

The birthday cake I made form my Auntie. You can find the recipe for it here on my food blog.

Day 255

20th May 2011

Day 254

19th May 2011

Day 252

17th May 2011