Yarn along, crochet and reading January

You might remember back in December I posted about starting to learn to crochet. I used the stars I crocheted to decorate some of the gift we gave this christmas including jars of chutney. Between Christmas and new year I went along with my sister-in-law to her local wool shop (I can’t find one local to me) and bought some red, grey and cream yarn. I’ve started making a throw for the sofa but as you can see at the moment it is more of a scarf! I’m enjoying working on it though and watching it grow row by row. I’m not following a pattern, I simply chained to the width I wanted the throw and then I’m doing a mixture of coloured stripes in different thicknesses and in a random order. The red and cream stripes are double crochet and the grey single crochet (I think that’s the right terms in UK terminology but I could be wrong).

My nephew decided he wanted to be in the photo too!

Reading wise I took a short break from reading The language of flowers that I shared with you last time to read a festive book over the holidays. The book was Comfort and Joy by India Knight, a short and funny story about family Christmases set over three years. This was the first book by India Knight that I have read and although it did make me laugh in places, it hasn’t made me want to go and read any of her other novels. Now I’m really looking forward to getting back in to the language of flowers.

Linking up with Yarn along for further inspiration for reading, crochet and knitting.



7 Responses to Yarn along, crochet and reading January

  1. Martha says:

    Your throw looks great so far….I get so lazy on big projects and leave them half done…hope that doesn’t happen to you!

  2. Elissa says:

    Your throw is absolutely beautiful so far, I love the colors!

  3. JNCL says:

    I really like the color combination. Enjoy your knitting!

  4. Rachel says:

    I love the choice of colours for your throw- it is looking good 🙂

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