Pod camping in the Lake district

Last Thursday was my 30th birthday and we headed off to the lake district for a long weekend. We decided to stay in a camping pod (some might call it a shed!) on the shore of Lake Windermere. We were very lucky to have good weather. Here are a few pictures take around the site.  We spent a lot of time walking and I have many more photos from our walks to share with you later.

The camping pod. Since the weather was so nice we were able to spend a lot of time on the deck (wrapped up warm of course since it is October), reading (I’m reading this right now and loving it, so witty and fun and I don’t usually read vampire/scfi books at all), enjoying the view and the tranquility of the woods, cooking and eating.

Inside the pod. Excuse the badly composed photo with my bottle of pink lemonade in shot but this is the only photo of the inside I remembered to take! Basically the inside is completely empty and you have to take everything with you that you would usually take camping. The pod was surprisingly spacious inside, what you can’t see is down the left hand side of the pod was room for all our stuff (and we took plenty).

The view from our pod. You can just about make out the lake at the back there, we really were very close. In summer though that space would be full of tents.

A close up of the lake.

As we were cooking out on the deck I noticed the beautiful colours in the sky and couldn’t resist grabbing my tripod and heading down to the lake to take this twiglight photograph.

The beautiful morning light over the lake (above and below) and through the woods.

the long road

and then, she {snapped} 




Below are a few more photos taken about the camp site.

and then, she {snapped}


16 Responses to Pod camping in the Lake district

  1. Jules says:

    Happy 30th. Looks like a fabulous place!

  2. Tara says:

    Wow, those colors are amazing!!!

  3. Oh those are so beautiful especially the sunrise and the twillight ones. The Lake district is so picturesque!

  4. Sarah says:

    What a beautiful spot. I would want to go back a lot. LOVE love love the twilight shot!

  5. Ellie says:

    What beatiful pictures you took. I really love the Lake District it’s a lovely place to be. Haven’t been for a few years now I really fancy going back again.

  6. Linda Makiej says:

    Looks like a really beautiful place!!!

  7. yvonne says:

    WOW! Those colors in your LEM photo are stunning.

    Not to mention I now desperately want to camp in a pod ..so, thanks for that 😉

  8. Gitanjali says:

    happy birthday!! sounds like you had a great time. loved the twilight photos!

  9. That sounded like a nice time away. Enjoyed looking through your photos – love your sunset shot over the lake and then the superb shot of the trees with their curled trunks – you’ve captured them so beautifully with the light shining through and then the line of the pathway.

  10. Emily says:

    What a cool spot! I love the photo of the light through the trees and the lake photos are lovely. Thank you for sharing!

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  12. ShonEjai says:

    Looks beautiful and peaceful!

  13. Rochelle says:

    I loved looking at your photos. What a beautiful place. I love your tree shot with the sunlight behind it.

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