1000 cranes for Japan (day 193)

19th March 2011

This morning I read a blog post on Mortal muses about a flickr group set up to collect images of 1000 cranes for Japan. The group, 1000 cranes for Japan, was set up by Damiec on the 15th and already there are nearly 500 photos of origami cranes. So this afternoon I set about creating origami cranes. Here’s a tutorial that might be useful if you want to join in too.

Here’s what she said about the idea –

The crane is a mystical, holy creature in Japan – it represents luck, good fortune, and long-life. The act of folding cranes, specifically, 1000 cranes, is said to make the folder’s wish come true.

Strings of one thousand paper cranes are often sent to places where tragedy has struck as a symbol of hope & healing. Sometimes groups will fold 1000 cranes for an ailing friend in hopes of speeding their recovery.

Whether you believe in the power of the crane, or simply in the gentle act of beauty and kindness, there is something uplifting about this tradition.

I don’t really know where I am going with this, but my shoebox of origami paper is out and I am folding cranes. If any of you feel inspired to do the same, I am including a link for an origami tutorial.

I think it would be a beautiful show of support and love for Japan if flickr was flooded with paper cranes. Is it too much to hope for a virtual chain of 1000 cranes?

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