Days 177-185

3rd March to 11th March 2011

I’ve had some computer problems this week so I haven’t been able to edit and update my photos. Now I’m back and thought I would speed up the catch up by putting all the photos in one post.

Day 177, 3rd March. Practice manual focus with my Lensbaby.

Day 178, 4th March. An ornament at my parent’s house.

Day 179, 5th March. The start of my computer problems! This is the inside of my old computer. My dad built me a new computer this week. He brought it over today and I edited all the photos in this post and more this afternoon as it was so easy compared to editing on my very slow, old computer.

Day 180, 6th March. A flower in my parent’s garden. Edited in to a square format, inspired by The Kat eye view of the world.

Day 181, 7th March. Smoked mackerel and pea risotto.

Day 182, 8th March. My fiance cooked tonight. Not a very interesting photo due to the colours but it was a delicious meal of swordfish (never eaten before), mushrooms and homemade oven chips.

Day 183, 9th March. An overcast skyline.

Day 184, 10th March. My kitchenAid food mixer, I love the colour and I love that it allows me to make delicious, homemade bread regularly. I also bought a new tripod today so hopefully my photos, in particular, my food photos should improve.

Day 185, 11th March. My kitchenAid was put to good use today making these bagels and a cake which I can’t show you yet as it’s my first Daring baker’s challenge in 12 months! You’ll have to wait until the 27th and visit my food blog to see what I baked.


3 Responses to Days 177-185

  1. Kat says:

    Great use of square format with the purple flower! It keeps the flower front-and-center as the subject, in a pleasing way. Thanks for linking in to Exploring with a Camera!

  2. Marla says:

    Wonderful shots. I love the purple flower. 🙂

    Marla @

  3. Marji says:

    Great square format on that purple flower for Kat’s exploring with a camera!

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