Day 136

21st January 2011

Tonight we had the most amazing sunset I’ve seen since I started my 365, only problem was I was in work! By the time I got out of work it was gone. So instead I took a photo of tonight’s dinner! This time though I’ll share the recipe with you here (instead of on my food blog) since its so simple. I’ve discovered the most delicious way to make a quick pasta sauce – cans of cherry tomatoes. We prefer them, the sauces seem that much tastier than with plum or chopped tomatoes. I’ve not included much in the way of measurements because I don’t tend to measure when cooking (baking is a different matter) and I believe things like herbs and spices should be adjusted to yours and your families taste.

Simply fry off some diced chorizo in some olive oil, in  a large frying pan. Once they have started to release their oil add a tin of cherry tomatoes. Add a pinch of salt, freshly ground black pepper, chilli powder (omit if you don’t want a spicy sauce) and sweet paprika (but feel free to change the herbs and spices to your taste). Allow to reduce and concentrate the flavours over about 15-20 minutes (checking on the consistency every so often and stirring occasionally to prevent the sauce sticking). Serve with your choice of pasta (I used wholemeal penne but the choice is yours) and a good grating of parmesan to finish.


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