Day 61

7th November 2010

Today I went for a walk in a park just 10 minutes from where I live, just me and my camera. I really enjoyed it and got some great photos. I have lived near this park for three and a half years and this is the first time I  have explored it. It won’t be the last! I haven’t had time to edit them all yet but when I do I plan to post a photo walk post.For now this is my entry to macro monday on Lisa’s chaos.





5 Responses to Day 61

  1. Lisa's Chaos says:

    I really cannot imagine having a park that close and taking so long to explore it, lol. Hopefully you’ll go back. :0) We have a park right across the street and I’m there all the time.

    • purelyfood says:

      I’ve only just started to get in to photography, we have no children and I just assumed it was swings etc. I’ll certainly be back. I really enjoy macro shots of nature and there was plenty there at this time of year. I’m already planning to go back when I get my lensbaby, when it snows, in the spring etc!

  2. Dew Drops says:

    I love taking my camera for a walk! It’s kind of like my “dog” You found some cool berries to take photos of!!

    • Purelyfood says:

      Thank you. It was fun. Believe it or not these berries were right next to a roundabout, on a main road on my way home from the park. Totally not a place I would stop to take photos.

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