Day 60

6th November 2010

Tonight we went to a local bonfire and firework display. I had hopes of capturing better photos of fireworks. I read a few articles on photographing fireworks and tried to put the advice into practice. This is the best photo from the 600 I shot! the rest were mostly unusable.

The photo below was one of the few shots that although unrecognisable as fireworks I quiet liked in an artistic/abstract kind of way. I’m submitting it to a new photo challenge called lens art. This weeks theme is colour. I’m thinking this will be my first of many entries to this challenge as I’ve just ordered a Lensbaby composer with some money I got for my birthday. I’m so excited, it should be here any day.


3 Responses to Day 60

  1. katiejulius says:

    Love the bokeh in this shot! Thanks for entering!

  2. I’m lurking on the lens art meme this week – Ashley had the link on her scavenger hunt – I love your fireworks bokeh in the 2nd photo. I too was trying to capture fireworks photos at the weekend. At least on Saturday night it wasn’t raining here while on Friday night everyone except me wen to the main display in town.

  3. left wrong website on my comment above – linked to right one now.

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