Day 32

9th October 2010

We spent the day at the local shopping center and I left my camera at home. By the time we got home it was dark, I was tired and I couldn’t find the inspiration to shoot. I nearly didn’t take a photo but I’d been expecting days like this so knew I had to force myself to get my camera out. With a bit of nudge in the right direction by my OH we came up with this shot. Not the best shot I’ve taken and the lighting isn’t good. It does however makes me laugh when I look at it and is a gentle reminder that although I’m trying to learn to use my camera to its full potential and to take better photos,  it should still be fun. I’m submitting this to Photo freak’s hearts challenge.


2 Responses to Day 32

  1. I love this shot, it is really tough to get these photos everyday for the 365, sometimes I really struggle. In answer to your question, sadly I wasn’t making bread, I just put the two together because they looked good. I wish I could make bread though…I see you got the new nigella cookbook, have you been watching her on tv? jamie oliver starts a show on tv tonight, I like his no nonsense approach.

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