Macro friday

This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago when we visited Liverpool (see more photos here and here). It’s a close up shot of some of the detail on the doors to Liverpool cathedral. I really liked the detail and the contrast of the wood and metal.

I’m submitting this to Macro friday –


15 Responses to Macro friday

  1. quite unusual and I love the colour of the metal – its a lovely contrast with the wood. You’ve a good eye many would over look taking a photo of this.

  2. this is a very unusual shot! great macro!

  3. Ewa says:

    great capture of the details!

  4. liz says:

    what a great shot and the history behing the door. love it.

  5. Katie L. says:

    I agree – the metal and wood detailing is awesome together!!

  6. Mama Monkey says:

    what an awesome door! I bet inside was even more amazing!

  7. That’s so interesting looking. I love how macros make you see the world in a whole new way!

  8. Rosie Grey says:

    Great colours and perspective!

  9. Susan says:

    I agree….very cool contrasts and metalic variations. Beautiful image.

  10. Anika says:

    Cool shot! Love all the shapes…

  11. i love the textures and contrast too. beautiful!

  12. Mackenzie T. says:

    I agree, the constrast of the blue toned metal against the wood is just beautiful! You have a great eye for photography!!

  13. Stephanie says:

    great shot, loved that I had no idea what it was until I read about it.

  14. very interesting shot! love it!!

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