Day 28

5th October 2010

This is a photo I was taking for my food blog. It wasn’t meant to be my photo for today, I was going to photograph the loaf of bread I baked. The reason I went with this photo in the end is because it illustrates perfectly one (of many) thing about photograph & how to use my camera properly that I want to learn – how to make the whole image in focus. I do love the way my new DSLR camera creates the contrast and focuses on only part of the photo but sometimes like this photo I would have prefered all the image to be sharp and in focus. I have a feeling it’s something I will improve with if I move out of program AE mode (the only manual mode I know anything about).

This month Darcy of life with my 3 boybarians is hosting 31 days to a better photo. I have subscribed to her feed and plan to follow this course. Only problem is with being away at the weekend I’m behind already! I’m off now to read my camera manual, who knows I may learn how to focus better!


2 Responses to Day 28

  1. Hi Claire!
    I had the same problem with our new DSLR. I found this tutorial which was really helpful:
    Hope it helps you.

  2. purelyfood says:

    Thanks for the advice. I will take a look at that tutorial. I’m really starting to gain some understanding of my DSLR through 31 days to a better photo so will stick at that and see how I get on.

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